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2007年11月10日 星期六

OO website updated

Gundam 00 site update
The official site updated the MS and character profiles with new entries.MS:VMS-15 Union RealdoHead height: 15.3 m (Overall height: 17.7 m)Base weight: 60.0 t"MS used by the Union. Still retains its status as their main weapon as their newest unit, the Flag, hasn't been thoroughly deployed. Like the Flag, it has a flight form and can be similarly used as a fighter craft but can't transform in mid-air, needing parts modification work for transformation."MSJ-06II-SP Tieren TaoziHead height: 18.7 mBase weight: 112.1 tPilot: Soma Peries"Enhanced soldiers, 'super soldiers', have been researched by the Human Reform League in absolute secrecy. This is the custom unit for the first of those, Soma Peiris. It displays astounding mobility with thrusters having been added all over the body and large thrust vectoring thrusters equipped on the legs and the moveable armor on both shoulders. The operating system's greater data processing volume with the increase in camera-eyes on the head and the large amount of G's acting on the pilot make flying it difficult for all but trained super soldiers. Further, for the Human Reform League, it's a unique unit envisioned for use both on land and in space."MSJ-06II-LC Tieren Long-Range Cannon TypeHead height: 20.2 m (Bombardment posture head height, 19.3 m)Base weight: 142.0 t"Human Reform League Tieren variation specialized for long-range shooting. Equipped with a 300mm x 50 caliber smooth bore cannon. Against fortifications and, of course, against MS, it's an effective unit, attacking from outside enemy range. Its mobility as an MS is significantly reduced so it's mobilized with escorts during military action."Characters:Ali Al Sarshes"35-years-old. Head of the private military company PMC. It seems he has a past connection with Setsuna..."Soma Peries"18-years-old. MS pilot with the Human Reform League, rank 2nd Lieutenant. From the Ubermensch Technical Research Institute, whose goal is to create a perfect soldier, 'Super Soldier Number 1' has an enhanced nervous system and body restructuring to adapt to outer space. She has limited emotional range as a result of brain alterations."