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2007年12月6日 星期四

Gundam OO news: GN-004=GN-005(Gundam Virtue)?? (updated info)

from gunota headline:


GN-004 Gundam Nadle"The form uncovered when the Gundam Virtue purges its armor. One characteristic is the exposure of the completely disheveled, hair-like cords that were attached to the armored parts. Light and excelling in mobility, it nimbly dodged attacks from Peiris' Taozi. It can use the Virtue's shoulder cannons as handheld weapons."

HGOO 1/144 Gundam Virtue new pics

MG 1/100 MSN-04 沙撒比 Metallic Coating Ver new pics

HGOO 1/144 Unicon Flag Graham專用機 new pics