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2008年4月3日 星期四

官方宣傳圖-6月 HCMpro 56-00 Gundam Heavyarms (3pics)

官方宣傳圖-6月 HCMpro 55-00 Wing Gundam (4pics)

官方宣傳圖-5月 HCMpro 54-00 Gundam Deathscythe (5pics)

官方宣傳圖-5月HCM-Pro 53-00 Tieren Space Type Set (4pics)

Bandai Hobby事業部 5-6月Sales Manu (完整版,含HCMpro W系商品計劃detail)

from gunota headline:
The Bandai Hobby Sales Manual up at The Gundam Base.Side 1 shows off a chart with a summary of their marketing plans for the Wing series HCM-Pro line: Buying the Gundam Deathscythe will get you a W File (Mecha edition) and the Wing Gundam will similarly come with another W File (Character Edition). Summer will see the release of the HCM-Pro Sandrock as well as a large promo campaign. Each of the Gundams will come with a Special Linking Base that can connect to the Wing Gundam's to make a larger display. Related pamphlets, posters, and promo videos will be advertising the line at hobby shops.

pics from Gundam base

訂單宣傳圖-5月MG Force Impulse Gundam (含初回特典)