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2008年8月12日 星期二

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008 news !!

from gunota headline:
MG Infinite Justice Gundam - October
HG Cherudim Gundam - October, 1,260 yen
HG Seravee Gundam - October, 1,890 yen
HG Arios Gundam - December, 1,575 yen
GFF RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka Clear Edition - Tamashii Web Shop limited edition, October, 3,000 yen

2008年8月10日 星期日

~Gundam OO~ & ~Gundam UC~ 官網Updated

from gunota headline:
Saji Crossroad
"His old appearance left behind to youth, he is now a young man through and through. Fulfilling his promise to Louise, he becomes a space engineer working at colony construction sites."
Marina Ismail
"The Azadistan princess at the mercy of the wave of revolution sweeping the world. Without the advice or support of the absent Shirin, she nonetheless works hard to rebuild her fallen country."
Ian Vashti
"Longtime mechanic serving on board the Ptolemaios. Also in command of the development of new units, the foremost of which is the 00."
Feldt Grace
"In contrast to the past, her gentle voice and facial expressions are gone and she's become more like a woman. Did she have Christina somewhere in mind when she tied together her once parted hair?"
Lasse Aeon
"Alive after somehow surviving injuries from the previous battle, he comes on board the Ptolemaios as a long-serving crewmember. To make up for the deceased Lichtendahl, he shoulders the burden of being not only the gunner but also the helmsman on the bridge."
Mileina Vashti
"14-year-old daughter of Ian who joins the crew of the Ptolemaios. Normally at the operator's chair but also a mechanic with the inherited knowledge and skill of her father. She brightens up her surroundings with her airheaded expressions and behavior."

from gunota headline:
AMS-129M Zee-Zulu
Head height: 20.3 m
Base weight: 28.9 t
"An amphibious MS developed by the remnants of the Neo Zeon forces. It was given to Zeon sympathizers on Earth after having been developed in space. Sharing its basic frame with the Geara Zulu, it's additionally equipped with a vest-shaped diving apparatus, a blast tank around the neck, hydrojet propellers, and underwater fins. Both arms have heat knives made of ceramic-polymers coupled with forearm-mounted melee claws, giving it the outward appearance of an amphibious MS with crustacean pincers."