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2007年12月14日 星期五

HK Gundam Expo 2007 pics and videos

MG version Sangokuden

later will updated more.......

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2007年12月10日 星期一

HCMpro Gundam Virtue official picture updated (more 2nd form: Gundam Nadleeh large pics)

Gundam OO website MS intro updated

from gunota headline:
Celestial Being:
Head height: 18.1 m
Base weight: 54.0 t
Armament: beam sabers
Pilot: Tieria Erde
Head height: 17.9 m
Base weight: 66.6 t
Armament: Prototype new model linear rifle, defense rod, sonic blade (plasma sword), 20mm machine gun, missles
"An enhanced, improved version of the Union's latest mobile suit, the Flag. Developed by professor Reife Eifman for First Lt. Graham Acre of the anti-Gundam investigation team. It employs the most advanced present technology and moves with almost twice the speed of the standard Flag. Its equipped with the Iris Company's prototype, new model linear rifle as its main armament."
Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 66.8 t
Pilot: Patrick Corlasawar
Armament: linear rifle, defense rod, sonic blade (plasma sword), leg missles
"The commander type of the mass-produced Enact. AEU ace Patrick used it for military exercises in Moralia. It has a more enhanced communication capacity than the standard version."
Head height: 17.6 m
Base weight: 66.2 t
Armament: blade rifle, defense rod, sonic blade (plasma sword), leg missles, grenades, carbon dagger
"A tuned-up, improved prototype of the Enact for the PMC's Sarshes. The blade rifle appears from the tip of the large sonic blade. Increasing the amount of fixed armaments, the sonic blade is built into the arm."
Human Reform League:
Head height: 18.3 m
Base weight: 101.1 t
"HRL Tieren variation. While making use of the merits of the Tieren's characteristic super heaviness, the unit elevates to the limits its weak point: mobility. High-speed movement with hovering is possible. Though it has two wings on its back it's not suited for flight. Primarily, they're used for gliding landings from transports and changing course while hovering."
Head height: 17.3 m
Base weight: 134.9 t
Armament: 30mm machine gun, 200mm x 25 caliber-length smooth-bore gun
"'Anf' means 'nose' in Arabic. The Human Reform League sold the unit to third countries including the Middle East. Originally the HRL's MSJ-04 Phantom but exported after it was finished being used by their forces because of the breakaway from fossil fuels."