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2008年7月25日 星期五

官方宣傳圖(Updated)-Keroro plamodel 025 武者Keroro Robo

~Gundam UC~設定第13回

官方宣傳圖-9月 FW GUNDAM STANDart 3

Gundam 00 merchandising plans

from gunota headline:
- There were only things to be announced in TV commercials & anime mags and there was no new video.
- 24 items are currently planned in HG, 1/100, 1/60, BB Senshi, and HCM-Pro.
- No FG kits this time. Demand was poor but questionnaires & marketing research showed the targeted elementary school and younger age group were not entirely adverse to 00.
- So this time they're putting effort into the BB Senshi line to make up for that for the younger age group.
- The plan is to keep prices down on the HG line for middle & high school students. There's suspicions the simplicity of the new Gundam designs are due to Bandai's inclination to control development costs. The HG 00 Gundam will be on sale September 26 or 27.
- Conversely, the 1/100 line will continue to be more extravagant for working adults. The first, the 00, is scheduled to come with a light-up gimmick for the shoulder GN Drives.
- There are also plans for the 1/60 scale.
- HCM-Pros for all 4 Gundams were on display. The lack of GN Drives on the backs of the other 3 Gundams was notable. Was it because these were still merchandise prototypes? Or are they hiding something?
- Of course, there were seam lines on the armor of the HCM-Pro Seravee Gundam... (*laughs*)
- Tierens and Flags will show up in Season 2.
- But the main enemy will be from the GN-X lineage.
- There was nothing on the Thrones.
- "This time, the MS themes will be combining, transforming, and linking"... it seems they'll pull off a 4 MS combiner?
- The magazine side stories will mainly focus on the 4 first generation Gundams and follow MS that won't be reappearing in the anime. But there was nothing concrete.

The webmaster cautions that he wrote this from memory so he may have misheard some of it. Further, the content was labeled as "presently planned" and thus subject to change before official announcements are made.

官方宣傳圖-GFF#0039 Gundam NT-1

官方宣傳圖-HCMpro 61-00 Cherudim Gundam

官方宣傳圖-HCMpro 60-00 OO Gundam