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2008年6月25日 星期三

MS設定第12回-RGM-96X Jesta

MS IGLOO 2~重力戰線 官網Updated

from gunota headline:

MS IGLOO 2 official site update

Story (Vol. 1, Destroy The God Of Death!):
"March, U.C. 0079.
A countless number of the flying objects suddenly came falling from the sky.
And from them, many combat weapons attacked.
The Earth Federation Forces opposed in vain the giant mobile suits they had seen for the first time,
And because of the Principality Of Zeon's supremacy on land, the landscape of power was repainted on a large scale.
In those days, the Federation Forces's anti-mobile suit weapons were the Type 61 tank and the anti-MS heavy guided missile Regina.

April, U.C. 0079.
Amongst the Federation troops forced to retreat from the Zeon offensive, there was anti-MS squad commander and 1st squad leader Lieutenant Junior Grade Barberry..."

-Earth Federation Soldier-
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ben Barberry

-Earth Federation Armament-
M-101A3 Regina - Anti-MS Heavy Guided Missile
Length: 157 cm
Caliber: 139 mm

-Principality Of Zeon Armament-
MS-06J Zaku II J Type